Acceptable Organic Fertilizer Products

Acceptable Organic Fertilizer Products for Organic Gardens

Below is a list of Acceptable Organic Fertilizer Products for Organic Gardens and unacceptable fertilizer products for your garden. Organic fertilizers provide similar and better-growing results as the non-organic fertilizers.

Round-up by Scott’s is recognized as a fertilizer, but we commonly view it as a weed exterminator. When examining the list of unacceptable fertilizers, notice how many advertisements on television, websites, and magazines how great their products work.

If you want truly organic foods, you must use approved organic fertilizer products. It is kind-of-scary to realize how we have been influenced and told that non-acceptable organic fertilizers are the best of the best fertilizing products.

Acceptable Organic Fertilizer Products Unacceptable Fertilizer Products 

Alfalfa Meal Ammonium nitrate
Bat guano Ammonium sulfate

Blood meal Biosolids products

Bone meal Osmocote 
Peters 20-20-20
Coffee grounds Round-Up

Compost Miracle-Gro Products
Corn gluten meal Sewer sludge products
Cornmeal Synthetic fertilizers
Cottonseed meal Synthetic growth regulators

Decomposed granite Synthetic weed and feed fertilizers
Fish meal Urea
Greensand And all other synthetic fertilizers
Horticultural cornmeal
Kelp meal
lava sand
Rabbit manure

Rock phosphate
Seaweed meal
Soy meal
Liquid Products
Apple cider vinegar
Compost tea
Fish hydrolysate (Liquid fish)
Garrett Juice mix
Humic acid