Nature’s Organic Garden System Video

Nature’s Organic Garden System Video

Raised Bed Garden Principles

Nature’s Organic Garden System Video is an overview of how the garden system works. Recently I was interviewed by Marlene Gibb for her show “What Do You Do.”

During the video, we discuss the various reasons to use Nature’s Organic Garden System for a raised bed garden, the benefits, growing mediums, watering and insect issues, how well plants grow. The video, in its entirety, runs about 25 minutes.

Part I discusses

  • Basic concepts of Organic Raised Bed Gardens vs. soil-based gardens
  • Benefits of raised beds
  • Garden Ecological Systems
  • How and Why Nature’s Organic Garden System works

The Tuxedo Garden Part I

Part II discusses

  • What your garden needs
  • The reasons for higher vs. lower raised beds.
  • Temperature
  • Inhibiting insects
  • Bird netting
  • How organic materials protect your plants
  • Customer service

The Tuxedo Gardener 2 of 3

Part III discusses

  • Beds in barrels and frames
  • Humus properties
  • Feeder Roots
  • Worm Tea
  • Symbiotic Relationships
  • Chlorine in the water
  • Lack of Weeds
  • Tomatoes
  • How much garden space do you need?
  • Feed the hungry

The Tuxedo Gardener 3 of 3

I hope you enjoyed the video, the concepts, and the implementation of Nature’s Organic Garden System raised beds. I know there was a lot of information presented in a short time. Throughout the site, there is an abundance of detailed information discussing the points in the video. Remember, gardening is fun and provides your family with nutritious, organically grown fruits and vegetables right from your home.

As you saw in the video, place your garden in a sunny part of your yard. Gardening made this easy only from a lot of time in the garden, testing ideas, growing a variety of fruits and vegetables in ideal and not so ideal conditions. There are many methods and reasons to use Nature’s Organic Garden System, but the real proof is in the amount of food you grow. When you construct, plant, and harvest your garden throughout your growing season, you will understand how well Nature’s Organic Garden System works.