Nature’s Organic Garden Food Production System

Learn How To Build Your Nature’s Organic Garden Food Production System.

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The Tuxedo Gardener has searched worldwide to find the best gardening solutions. He learned and now teaches ancient gardening techniques we forgot to produce healthy, vibrant, and nutritious food.

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What is new to Nature’s Organic Garden System for 2019?

In 2019 will be our fourth year growing vegetables outdoors in early March. What we have learned from the trials are:

  • Plant seedlings in early March
  • Harvest plants before May
  • Start seedlings when the seedling is in March for June planting.
  • No longer need fertilizers of any kind.
  • You don’t need any additional heat sources.
  • You don’t need any additional light sources.

To help explain Nature’s Organic Garden System.

The two radio interviews are below, at the end of 2014 and 2016. There is a lot of valuable information packed in these two audio recordings.

My first interview with Diana in 2014 

My interview after using the system in Oregon in 2015

a planted nature's organic garden raised bed

Nature‘s Organic Garden System uses a raised bed garden. Notice how effortless maintaining the bed is.

I have created the Nature’s Organic Garden System (NOGS) to teach you the complete gardening system.

Learn about the benefits of raised beds, organic vs. inorganic pesticides, and organic solutions to keep insects out of your Nature‘s Organic Gardening System.

Discover which plants grow together, make them taste better, keep insects at bay, and keep plant diseases out of your Nature’s Organic Garden System.

Explore the realm beneath your garden surface, where all kinds of unseen things affect the health of your Nature‘s Organic Garden System.

Learn about the worm and compost tea formulas that grow the good bacteria and fungi that will make your garden go.

Learn about how organic materials can make a garden grow! That’s right, no dirtno hydroponics, just Nature’s Organic Garden System’s unique blend of organic materials.

Experience the taste of your own organically grown fruits and vegetables in weeks. Start now on your Nature’s Organic Garden System.