How To Plant Your Organic Garden

How to Plant Nature’s Organic Garden

How to plant Nature’s Organic Garden is unbelievably simple. But first, you need to understand what you are growing. In my garden, I like planting heirloom plants. Heirloom plants keep the species in the world. Other plants come from companies with large-scale seed production focused on developing hybrid strains of farmed plants. As a result, the plant world has lost a majority of plant varieties due to the process of  “Making Them Better.”

Planting in Nature’s Organic Garden is more straightforward than in a soil-based garden. I like to refer to a no-tool planting system. Well, almost no tools. The only tools you will need are your hands. Draw a line in the compost, place your seeds, and cover them up.

Planting seedlings is almost as easy as planting seeds. The technique for planting seedlings is to remove the plant from its container. DO NOT PLANT THE CONTAINER. Bring your fingers and thumb together, forming a tapered cone, plunge your hand into the compost, and spread your fingers wide, creating the hole for your seedling. Plant the seeding and cover using the compost.

If you need conventional “Tools,” I expect you not to use Nature’s Organic Garden System. Dig on!